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Velocity IT Become Mendix Development Partners

Velocity IT has proudly announced their recently-forged partnership with Mendix. With this new partnership between the two companies, Velocity IT will participate at the ‘Mendix on tour’ event in London on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018.

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Will bots take your job or keep you in business?

Automation technologies help firms to optimise resources, elevate performance and maintain a competitive advantage. In industries where growing regulatory pressures, data volumes and customer expectations are a challenge, robotic process automation (RPAcan lighten the load. RPA solutions can be configured to automate routine, repetitive and time-consuming processes. The software ‘bot’ operates on application user interfaces (UI) in the same way a human would – only much faster and more accurately.

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Velocity IT unpacks the new K2 Five and K2 Cloud platform – and it’s very impressive!

It’s here!  K2’s next generation no- and low-code business application development platform K2 Five and K2 Cloud has been released, and developing business apps using it is now even easier and faster than before.

The K2 platform provides technical and non-technical users a capability to fully automate manual business processes, turn paper-based forms to digital and integrate with virtually any 3rd party system. Workflow metrics and business information are made available in an advanced reporting and analytics module, and this helps organisations increase their performance.

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Using Technology to Improve Customer Relationships


Customers relationships are everything to all businesses. Consequently, when it comes to business process automation and on-going business process improvement initiatives, it is essential that customer satisfaction and loyalty are outcomes.

With all of the Workflow and Business Process-Driven solutions we implement, customers are at the core of our continual improvement and optimisation efforts. This ensures consistency and enhanced customer service levels.

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Smarter Business Processes Improve Efficiency


Business Process Management Software (BPMS) is required for Continuous Business Process Improvement to be achieved. This platform ensures maximum business process efficiency by enabling continual optimisation with minimal effort. It provides businesses with all the tools to ensure they meet strategic goals and fulfil current business process requirements.

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K2 SmartForms

How to avoid Rule Overloading when using Tabs in K2 SmartForms

Loading times play a significant part in every application and effectively managing a K2 SmartForm application’s loading time is not a straightforward task. Many factors contribute to slow performance, but, one of the most common causes of slow performance within a K2 SmartForm application is cluttered forms.

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