Agile Automation Helps You Plan Ahead

Agile automation helps you plan ahead

While the crisis is far from over, many businesses are dusting themselves off and figuring out next steps as economic activity picks up. Right now – and perhaps for a long time to come – businesses can’t go on operating as they always have. But it’s not easy to plan when the future is so unclear.

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Connecting People and Processes Post-Pandemic

Digitise Your Processes and Re-connect your Workforce, Here’s How

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted operations and stopped many business processes in their tracks. Now that people are struggling to access paper records and pass files from desk to desk, manual methods are defunct. Even rudimentary digital approaches like sharing Excel spreadsheets over email are a hindrance – because tracking progress, finding information and monitoring compliance is an uphill battle.

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Build digital resilience with low-code technology

Build digital resilience with low-code technology

If there ever was a time to explore the benefits of low-code technology or stretch the value of an existing low-code investment – it is right now.

Join the growing number of organisations who are using rapid and agile process automation tools to optimise productivity and profitability during these unprecedented times.


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Digital Worker

The Age of the Digital Worker Is Upon Us

The rapid pace of growth and development in the business software field has reached an inflection point. Innovative digital solutions are no longer only accessible to large corporations. Now, virtually any business can use tools like workflow automation, software robotics and even AI to work faster and smarter.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning FAQs

Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) FAQs

We’ve given you a rundown of the most frequently asked questions around RPA, which is a great solution when you are looking to hand-off repetitive process oriented tasks to robots to complete with speed and accuracy, but what about when the data is unstructured or the process is not repetitive or rules based? here’s where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) come into their own, and combined with RPA can revolutionise your Business Process Management.

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low code FAQ

Low-Code FAQ

We’re often asked to break down the technical blurb associated with our industry, as like many others we are guilty of talking in our own language – in this blog we focus on the FAQ of Low-Code.

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