Enhance workforce with RPA

RPA DEMO | Enhance Your Workforce & Improve Customer Satisfaction

In this short session we’ll look into the underlying challenges these types of organisations are facing and share the 3 secrets to unlocking productivity plus we’ll explain the role that technology can play to solve a common business process.

Resource Saving RPA Solution for SharePoint

RPA DEMO | Resource Saving Solution for Managing SharePoint Property Asset Manager

In this demo we show you how the manual task of extracting information from open-source Land Registry data is improved and streamlined through assigning a digital worker (RPA Bot) to the task.  You will observe how the bot automatically reads and extracts data from HM Registry documents and creates a new record held within a SharePoint Asset Manager.

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Data entry address change

RPA DEMO | Automating a Customer Change of Address Process

Customer and supplier data is an ever-changing landscape, many organisations still operate critical data changes via a manual process whereby all or part of the accuracy and timely actions rely on a human worker or workforce – in this short demo we show you how easy is to liberate your workforce from the loborious task of manual data entry.

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Automated PowerPoint Presentation using UiPath & K2 | Property Management

In this short video, we showcase how robotic process automation (RPA) can be used to replace a set of manual processes to deliver a professional Microsoft PowerPoint that dynamically presents a property portfolio for letting agents to use as part of their sales tool kit. This RPA solution is powered by UiPath using a K2 SQL Database to deliver a professional Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.


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