Asynchronous File Download from a K2 SmartForm

Downloading large data files from K2 SmartForms synchronously can sometimes cause performance and user experience issues.  This problem is not limited to K2 and this blog post will show you how to apply a pattern to request a data download from K2 and receive the data via email or a download link for download later.


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In this blog, we’ll demonstrate how to create and send an Excel spreadsheet which contains list view data as email attachment using a K2 process.

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The first step is to retrieve the data and save it in a file.  In the example, we will create an Excel file inside a K2 process.  In order to do this, we will implement the EPPlus .NET library to create an Excel spreadsheet. You can download the .NET library here.

Consider the example of an Employee Details list view which has a Download Data button and we need to input Employee details in Excel and email this to the logged-in user upon clicking the Download Data button.

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