Over the last few decades, the internet has had a tremendous effect on our everyday lives. Hardly an hour goes by when we are not reaching for our phones, tablets or laptop computers to check our emails, plan a journey through an online map or verify a fact using the power of a search engine. Without doubt, the internet has digitalized many of our daily activities, making our personal lives easier, more convenient and more efficient than ever before.

The digitalization of our personal lives has unsurprisingly reached into the business world. Nowadays, companies benefit hugely from the efficiency gained by moving information, processes and human activities online, streamlining business operations and gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage. Those that resist digitalization not only miss out on the immense efficiency gains it offers, but also risk extinction in a progressively digital world.

Despite digital being omnipresent, many business leaders and business owners remain somewhat in the dark as to what exactly digitalization or ‘going digital’ means, how it will affect their own corporate situation and how they can go about harnessing its power for their organisation’s ends. This guide should clear up some of the doubts around going digital, how to kick-start the journey towards digital transformation and how to exploit technology and new business models to digitally transform to gain an ultimate business advantage in an increasingly digital-centric world.

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