Kick-Start Your Digital Transformation Journey

What is digital transformation and how can you achieve it? This guide explains how to kick-start the journey towards digital transformation and how to exploit technology and new business models to digitally transform to gain an ultimate business advantage in an increasingly digital-centric world.


Power Digital Transformation With Low-Code Technology

Technology plays a vital role providing the capacity to scale-up business activities while maintaining efficiency and business profitability. In today’s digital era, gaining access to technology is becoming increasingly easy and cost-effective. Discover how to achieve this using low-code platforms and technology.


Enterprise-Wide Process Transformation

Velocity’s Guide to Enterprise-Wide Process Transformation provides insights for organisations on how to make strategic technology choices and harness the full potential of these tools in order to automate more processes, more efficiently and successfully.



As an organisation powering process transformation on the K2 Platform, a Centre of Excellence (CoE) enables you to gain maximum value from your technology investment. It also provides your people with the tools to contribute ideas, expertise and lessons learned in a way that really drives business forward.

PODCAST  |  Why you need to establish a K2 Center of Excellence today

Interview with Arno van Rooyen, CEO, Velocity