benchQA for K2 is Test Automation Software designed and developed specifically for the K2 platform. Its development incorporates years of experience working with K2 and customers, building and testing K2 SmartForms and K2 Workflow applications.

benchQA automated K2 testing

Full K2 integration with K2 SmartObjects and SmartForms applications allows K2 Workflow processes to be tested, improving your K2 capabilities.

Its intuitive test designer suite allows you to quickly and easily configure test cases, saving you time and maximising resources.

benchQA helps you deliver accurate, bug-free results right from the start, reducing development time and improving overall product confidence.

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  • Easily organise benchQA test cases using the Test Solution Explorer
  • Quickly configure test cases using the intuitive benchQA test designer suite
  • Easy separation of multiple test cases
  • Interconnect test cases using easy-to-use benchQA wizard interfaces
  • Test cases are executed using a predefined test script that is defined using the easy-to-use benchQA toolbox functions
  • Easily collaborate with other QA Analysts by sharing test case files
  • Full support for all K2 SmartForm controls
  • Easily call K2 SmartObjects and load business test data into the executing tests.  Use these for success and failure asserts
  • User impersonation with full user login capabilities allows QA analysis to easily simulate various security contexts
  • Allows K2 Workflow processes to be tested by fully interacting with K2




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benchQA allows full test automation of K2 Apps, including fully automated K2 SmartForms and K2 Workflow testing.  It promotes test driven development for K2 Apps and ensures continued quality assurance for K2 solutions.


With benchQA you can:

  • fully test K2 Apps using benchQA test cases that are easy to setup and execute
  • easily apply changes to test cases to accommodate K2 App changes
  • ensure K2 Apps are regression tested to avoid defects and assure continuous quality
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