AppSprint easy K2 app generation


  • Easy K2 App generation by simply uploading an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Automatic data schema and Excel data import feature
  • AppSprint automatically generates the full K2 App stack - this includes K2 SmartObjects and K2 SmartForms
AppSprint Velocity K2

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AppSprint Velocity

AppSprint Velocity


  • Generate K2 Apps and import data in seconds
  • Advanced settings for tailored K2 App generation including full configuration of K2 SmartForms
  • Easy reimport of Excel spreadsheet data
  • Fully API driven, loosely coupled JSON design
  • Easy use for non-technical users

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AppSprint for K2

AppSprint allows non-technical business users to generate K2 Apps by simply uploading an Excel spreadsheet.  Full data import takes place and the generated K2 App is ready in seconds; ready to be used or customised. AppSprint promotes even faster time-to-market for K2 Business Apps and is fully built with non-technical users in mind.

  • Generate fully functional K2 Apps by uploading an Excel spreadsheet into AppSprint.
  • Unlocks rapid K2 App development further by using familiar, easy-to-use business tools like Excel to generate K2 App from.
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