We believe in continuous innovation and investment in technology. With over 15 years' experience of providing technology consulting and solution delivery in the K2 space, our customers benefit from our world-class knowledge. This acquired knowledge allows us to develop products that accelerate and enhance our K2 solution delivery even further. Our products provide rapid K2 App generation as well as automated K2 SmartForms and Workflow testing.

AppSprint for K2

AppSprint for K2

AppSprint allows non-technical business users to generate K2 Apps from Microsoft Excel by performing a simple spreadsheet upload. AppSprint explores and performs an automatic data import of a user’s Excel data into K2.

benchQA for K2

benchQA is a test automation tool designed specifically for K2. Its design incorporates years of experience working with K2 and customers, building and testing K2 SmartForms and Workflows applications.


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