Insight is Everything – Measuring the Performance of Business Processes


It is impossible to achieve optimum efficiency and to gain a competitive edge without insight. Businesses that wish to continuously improve need to be able to measure its processes’ performance. Without this insight, how will a business know how well its processes are performing? How does it determine what areas require change?

Measuring the performance of business processes is vital to increasing profitability and driving optimisation initiatives. Reporting capability is provided by business process management suites (BPMS) such as K2 BPM. This ensures company resources are effectively aligned with process requirements, as all process stakeholders have the metrics they need to be proactive and make informed decisions.



One of the key features of K2 BPM is its early warning capability. This points out potential problem areas, meaning businesses are able to address possible issues as soon as possible. As a result they are agile and able to stay ahead of the competition. Insight is also the basis for the improvement of current products or services, as well as the development of new ones, as stakeholders are able to effectively spot new trends.


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