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How to create Custom Theme for K2 Smartforms

Custom Theme for K2 Smartforms

Below is the list of Out Of Box themes by K2 for smartforms.

1. Burgundy
2. Granite
3. Leaf
4. Platinum
5. SharePoint 2010
6. SharePoint 2013
7. Sky
8. Sun
9. Twilight
Themes can be found in the following location:

Design Site: C:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearlK2 smartforms DesignerStylesThemes
Runtime site: C:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearlK2 smartforms RuntimeStylesThemes

Additionally, We can create our own custom themes. Follow the below steps to create a custom theme.

Creating a Custom Theme Folder:
1) Copy any one of the existing themes (Theme folder and respective CSS file) and rename it your custom theme name.
2) Modify the CSS style sheets and can change the images according to your requirement.
3) Follow the above step for both runtime and design time sites (Find the location of the Site Themes provided above)

Custom Theme for K2 Smartforms

1 – Creating a Custom Theme Folder

Updating the K2 SQL database:
Open K2 Database and add a new record in “Form.Theme” table with your custom theme name

2 - Registering the Custom Theme

2 – Registering the Custom Theme

Or, You can run the below query to add a new record

3 - Registering the Custom Theme (SQL code)

3 – Registering the Custom Theme (SQL code)

Applying custom theme

You can see the custom theme available on the Form’s style property drop-down after the IIS Reset.

4 - Applying custom theme

4 – Applying custom theme

Custom theme is ready and we can apply created theme for forms.

5 - Custom theme in action

5 – Custom theme in action

Maintainance Info:

Later, If some changes are made to css may not reflect immediately due to the caching ,We can disable this by changing the Forms.CombinedResources.Cache.Enabled value to False in the web.config file of Runtime/Design .

(Runtime Web.config : C:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearlK2 smartforms Runtime
Designer Web.config :C:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearlK2 smartforms Designer)

And once you see your css changes reflecting then enable back caching by changing Forms.CombinedResources.Cache.Enabled value to True,This will improve the performance of smartforms.

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Custom Theme for K2 Smartforms

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