Export Dynamic or User Defined Filtered Data From a K2 List View to EXCEL

K2 List View allows users to define custom filters to filter list data based on a user’s required filter criteria. The List View filter feature in K2 is called the User Filter and it is very useful as it provides the user the flexibility to choose their own filter criteria for list data. This is especially useful to create tabular-style reports in K2 where there is a requirement to filter the report by multiple criteria. The issue is that you sometimes want to do something in bulk with the filtered data.

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K2 SmartForms

CSS Generic Handler in K2 Smartforms

Recently I had a request to change K2 Smartforms without changing the K2 theme. The K2 theme handles all the look and feel of the form, but the theme can’t be changed in runtime.

K2 injects the selected theme on form load and with a hosted Generic Handler it’s possible to change the styles of the K2 Form dynamically.

Create a Generic Handler in Visual studio with the Context of a .css file. The response content type of the generic handler should be “text/css”. This will return the text in the generic handler as a css file to be loaded in the page. If you don’t know how to create a generic handler you can watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fz517kKtIE By  Ankit Sethi. Below is a code snip of a css Generic handler:

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K2 SmartForms

How to integrate jQuery with SmartForms

Integration of JQuery with K2 Smartforms

JQuery and other client side scripts can easily be integrated with K2 Smartforms through a K2 Smartforms control present in K2 control panel known as ‘HTML Literal’. Developer just need to drag and drop the HTML Literal control which comes out to be Runtime Literal. Developer can just put their code in Runtime Literal and play around with the controls and can execute control events. As JQuery is very much useful for instant feedback, hence the integration of K2 and JQuery makes the application more robust and user-friendly.

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