Why Expanding Your Customer Base Is Now Easier Than Ever With A Custom-Built Sales Management App

Since their introduction almost 40 years ago, spreadsheets have played a vital role in allowing businesses to keep track of sales data and customer contact details.

But despite spreadsheet packages like Excel and OpenOffice being still widely used, the advent of online systems and the digitization of business processes have offered new opportunities for sales teams to work smarter and more efficiently.

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Velocity unpacks the new K2 Five and K2 Cloud platform – and it’s very impressive!

It’s here!  K2’s next generation no- and low-code business application development platform has been released, and developing business apps using it is now even easier and faster than before.

The K2 platform provides technical and non-technical users a capability to fully automate manual business processes, turn paper-based forms to digital and integrate with virtually any 3rd party system. Workflow metrics and business information are made available in an advanced reporting and analytics module, and this helps organisations increase their performance.

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Three Ways Digital Transformation Can Enhance Your Marketing Capabilities


What is Digital Transformation and how can I apply it to my marketing activities? The truth is, Digital Transformation isn’t a “thing” you can plug in to your current marketing plan, nor a tool you can download. Rather, it’s a way of thinking, a way of communicating and a way of delivering value to customers. We could almost call it a philosophy.

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Using Technology to Improve Customer Relationships


Customers relationships are everything to all businesses. Consequently, when it comes to business process automation and on-going business process improvement initiatives, it is essential that customer satisfaction and loyalty are outcomes.

With all of the Workflow and Business Process-Driven solutions we implement, customers are at the core of our continual improvement and optimisation efforts. This ensures consistency and enhanced customer service levels.

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Working with Velocity to Achieve K2 Success


What makes us different from our competitors is our extensive experience in delivering Workflow and Business Process-Driven solutions using K2 products.

We have been involved with K2 for over 15 years now and this makes us one of the leading and most experienced K2 partners in the industry. When you work with Velocity, you know you are using a company with a proven track record that can guarantee successful solutions.

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Smarter Business Processes Improve Efficiency


Business Process Management Software (BPMS) is required for Continuous Business Process Improvement to be achieved. This platform ensures maximum business process efficiency by enabling continual optimisation with minimal effort. It provides businesses with all the tools to ensure they meet strategic goals and fulfil current business process requirements.

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Automating Business Processes to Gain Competitive Edge


The automation of business processes enables a company to work smarter and gain a competitive advantage over others in the industry. It gives them the ability to achieve optimum efficiency by coupling the automation of standard business operations with a workforce that has the right insight to make effective manual process decisions.

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Insight is Everything – Measuring the Performance of Business Processes


It is impossible to achieve optimum efficiency and to gain a competitive edge without insight. Businesses that wish to continuously improve need to be able to measure its processes’ performance. Without this insight, how will a business know how well its processes are performing? How does it determine what areas require change?

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Interview with Arno van Rooyen, CEO, Velocity