The smarter way to do automated testing

  • benchQA is a TEST AUTOMATION TOOL designed specifically for the K2 PLATFORM.
  • Its DESIGN incorporates years of experience working with K2 and customers, building and testing K2 smartforms and workflow applications.
  • Its EASY-TO-USE interface allows TEST ANALYSTS to rapidly assemble test scripts and cases using its intuitive designer.
  • The tool is widely used by Velocity itself to ensure HIGHEST QUALITY K2 Apps are developed, giving customers piece of mind.

K2 Automated Testing

  • FULLY INTEGRATED with all K2 SmartForm controls
  • FULLY INTEGRATED with K2 SmartObject runtime
  • benchQA is fully EXTENSIBLE and custom Toolbox Functions can be added
  • Toolbox functions are easily configured using EASY wizard-style steps
  • The INTELLIGENT ELEMENT EXPLORER offers access to the K2 SmartForm controls’ properties and values during test runtime
  • benchQA offers full USER IMPERSONATION CAPABILITY that automatically executes test steps in context with the specified user’s credentials
  • benchQA offers an easy-to-use QA PROJECT SOLUTION EXPLORER used to organise Test Cases
  • Solution files are mobile and can easily be sent to other QA ANALYSTS to contribute or extend existing test cases
  • New projects are added easily using the simple and INTUITIVE UI
  • MULTIPLE Test Cases can be added to a PROJECT
  • Test Cases can INTERACT with each other
  • benchQA offers an easy-to-use K2 TOOLBOX with various FUNCTIONS to develop Test Cases
  • Test Cases are executed using a predefined TESTFLOW process that’s defined using the TOOLBOX